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       The Medical Scientific Association of Moldova is a non-profit and non-political educational organization. This is a private website designed specifically for the benefit of its membership. We do not offer advice regarding medical symptoms or treatments. Please consult your doctor about any health-related problems or concerns.

Objectives and Mission

       Objectives and mission of the Association consist in contributing to:

– The scientific approach to problems and the propagation of scientific achievements in the field of medicine;

– The organization and participation at scientific medical events (congresses, conferences, symposiums, round tables, etc.) aiming to summarize professional and research activity and exchange of experience in medicine and other related fields;

– Initiating and developing collaboration with institutions and associations in the country and abroad with similar concerns and availability to support the development of medicine;

– Encouragement, promotion and development of computerization, usage of modern methods of investigation and the latest medical scientific knowledge;

– Collaboration with national and international institutions interested in developing scientific research programs and projects, training events, elaboration of medical guides, organization of professional and scientific events and other activities appropriate to the training of members of medical societies;

– Promotion of participation in national and international scientific, academic and other projects in order to assert the Association nationally and internationally;

– Affiliation to international scientific associations and societies;

– Raising the professional and scientific level of the members of the societies in order to improve the quality of the medical, scientific and academic activities.

– The implementation in health care practice the new medical science achievements;

       In order to achieve its goals, the Association:

– In collaboration with the Medical Scientific Societies organizes periodically scientific manifestations (congresses, conferences, symposia, round tables, specialized courses, etc.) with internal and international participation.

– Elaborates the calendar of the annual scientific manifestations that are broadcast in the country and abroad.

– Ensures the affiliation of the Moldovan medical scientific societies to the similar international societies.

– Supports the participation of specialists from the country at various international events.

– Grants diplomas, prizes and other ways to stimulate the scientific and professional activity.

– Ensures the elaboration, realization, evaluation and monitoring of the various projects at national and international level in order to develop the scientific medical potential of the Republic of Moldova and in order to achieve the objectives of the Association.

– Promotes and organizes various scientific medical activities.

       In order to achieve the proposed goals, the Association has the right:

– To establish and edit the periodical scientific and practical journal “Curierul Medical”

in local languages: Moldovan and Russian.

– To establish and edit the periodical scientific international journal “The Moldovan Medical Journal” in English.

– To represent the interests of members of the Association in public authorities and other organizations.

– To participate in national and international competitions in order to obtain social orders and subsidies from the state, as well as to obtain grants and scholarships from other countries, from national, foreign and international foundations.

– To establish mass media.

– To carry out editorial activity.

– To ensure the protection of the rights and interests of its members.

– To disseminate freely the information about its activity.

       In organizing and carrying out the scientific activity the Association cooperates with the Academy of Sciences of Moldova, with the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Education and other interested organizations, that can support these activities.