Business Structure

The financing sources of Scientific Medical Association of Moldova (SMAM) are the membership fees, allocations and sponsorships.  The SMAS spends the sources for organization of local scientific conferences, attendance by young researches the international scientific conferences abroad and for activities of the Moldovan Medical Journal.

The editorial office of the Moldovan Medical Journal has also the self-financing income, as following:
– Subscription
 to the printed version of the journal at any regular post office of the Republic of Moldova.
– Advertising.
 The cover pages 2, 3 and 4 are given for color advertizing. 15% of all pages are offered for white-black or color advertizing.
– Allocations.
 Many medical institutions and scientific medical societies of the Republic of Moldova are performing deductions to the MMJ.
– Alocations.
 When an original manuscript is submitted with a new perspective or unique idea that can have a great audience, the Editorial Office helps the author and encourages him to reach out to companies to inquire about potential sponsorships for publication.
– Article Processing Charges (APC).
 The cost of APC is usually assumed by the institution in which the author is employed, a sponsor or by the author himself under the principles of fully open access license to provide accessibility of articles for free in the Internet immediately after publication.  The Editorial Office requires authors to include the cost of APCs in their proposal for funding, or allow authors to use their research grant to cover the cost of APCs and to verify the eligibility for using them.

Each author must individually declare all sources of funding received for the research submitted to the journal. This information includes the name of granting agencies, grant number, and a description of each funder’s role. If the funder has played no role in the research, this must be stated as well. Declaring funding sources acknowledges funders’ contributions, meets funding requirements, and promotes greater transparency in the research process.

Inaccurate information about funding discovered after publication may require a correction.

The Editorial Office spends sources for website support, typesetting, translation, transliteration, editing procedures, XML formation, printing of paper version and state taxes.